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Check out this sleeping teen invaded in her bedroom by a stranger in this brand new night invasion videos episode. Watch similar content at public invasion. What’s sure, is that you will get to see this teen cutie as she gets herself covered in jizz as the stranger invades her room and starts to jerk off right in front of her cute face. Ending with her getting that cute look plastered with creamy cum. Watch this hot blonde getting a night visit from this guy that can’t wait to shove that big cock right in her face.
He certainly got his kicks out of breaking inside this sexy babe’s bedroom. Check him out as he is going to start caressing her all over and start touching her bare pussy. After that he will take his hard cock out and start to gently slap her in the face with it until she reacts and begins to slowly take it inside her mouth repeatedly. In the end this guy is going to stroke his hard throbbing cock until he cums all over her sweet face and gorgeous tits. He sure has got a big load ready to burst out of his cock for her. You won’t believe how hot this scene is. You will love this a lot we’re sure. Enjoy the show everyone and be sure to check back again next week for some more fresh scenes.
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Night Invasion videos

Check out this night invasion videos update and see this alluring busty babe blowing a sweaty white penis during sleep. It seems that she’s somewhat of a professional at this as well since you can see her sucking on that cock like a little pro even though she’s asleep. Perhaps it’s already in her subconscious. Well either way, you can see her as she sucks on that penis unaware, and for a nice finisher you can see her getting covered in sticky jizz. You will enjoy this a lot so stay around for a while longer to watch this entire scene and see this babe sucking this guy’s cock to the finish line.
At first he started by caressing her soft tits and pussy, then he continued by fingering her already moist cunt and after that he took out his cock and started jerking off right in her face, until she grabbed the tip of his dick with her lips and started sucking on his large tool hungrily. In the end this guy left her with a huge, creamy, white load all over her tits and face. Though she was sleeping the entire time, she sure did a great job at sucking his tool until making him cum all over her. It seems that even in her sleep this babe sure knows how to please a man completely. Come check out all our special videos and picture galleries which feature cock hungry whores getting fucked while sleeping. Enjoy!
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Night Invasion JANE DOE

Day/Night spy sex fantasy: Occasionally I spend some effort at my neighbours pool… I got to meet a woman friend of theirs so we got to discussing night invasion jane doe fantasies and she was really into it just like me. Watch her getting her mouth fucked while sleeping. Enjoy as this unsuspecting milf gets a cock put in her mouth and see her as she seems to be getting into it even though she is making with the z’s. Either way this is one hot update and you shouldn’t miss it for the world guys.

This hot milf sure knows how to handle that cock, don’t you agree? Come check her out as she is sucking and slurping on that big dick like a pro. This hot babe really enjoys getting her mouth fucked like this while asleep. We’re positive that you are also going to enjoy watching this a lot. Don’t wait any longer, enter our erotic website where you will find a lot of hot scenes like this one. We have all types of babes that are eager to get invaded in their dorms at night and get to suck and fuck hard cocks. You’ll also get unlimited access to our entire porn network. This really is a bargain don’t you think? Come check us out now and come again later. Have fun and see you next week with some more.


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NightInvasion – undressed while sleeping

A distinct kind of nightinvasion on this update…. I temped on this large organization for several weeks and one of the lady bosses had heard of my little night invasion spy sex fantasy from a buddy of mine. She really wanted me to pay her a visit and did just that. I visited her at night, went to her bedroom, undressed her slowly and had my thing with her. She was feeling great after this unique experience.

This hot babe sure got her kicks out of this little adventure also. Come check her out as she is going to start sucking on that big throbbing cock, loving the way it goes in and out of her mouth, making her choke. Like the chicks from the blog, this hot babe is crazy about sucking big fat cocks! Watch this guy fucking that tight wet pussy after a nice long blow job. This babe pretended to be asleep the entire time, but we know better don’t we? She sure felt everything that was happening to her and wanted this guy to never stop what he was doing. He certainly fucked her pussy nicely until he couldn’t hold himself any longer and came all over her hot body and face, covering her in his creamy, white cum. You will love watching this because it’s extremely kinky and we also know that you won’t be able to stay away from this website for much longer after watching this whole scene. Enjoy your stay and come again next time for more hot action!

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Sleeping Fetish

So today’s night invasion adventure started when I was talking about my sleeping fetish with a buddy of mine, Dick. His older sibling overheard and offered me a wink and simulated getting to sleep when I sneak to her room. I fingered here nicely before jerking off and jizzed on her tits. For this nice scene the guy gets himself ready and jerks off at this sleeping beauty as he fondles her perky breasts and in the end he blows his load all over her chest. Then for a bonus he starts to also play around with her cute and perky pussy as she starts to moan in her sleep because of the pleasure.

Are you ready for watching such a hot, kinky scene? This babe pretended to be asleep while this guy had his way with her. Isn’t she such a hot whore? Watch as this guy is going to caress her all over, to pinch her nipples and squeeze her nice tits, to stroke her pussy and finger her before getting his hard cock out of his pants and start beating off until he cums all over her round, perky tits. This babe certainly loves the attention she was given and the huge load of cum that she got in the end. We’re sure she is looking forward for another hot encounter like this one and maybe then she will also get a nice pussy pounding. Are you anxious to seeing that as well? Then come enter our website and check her out next time. Enjoy!

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Sleeping beauty creamed while sleeping

This is for anyone that keeps asking for nightinvasion creampies on the chatboard… I observed this girl on a personal ads type of site and got really interested in her. We had a couple of dates, nothing serious till one night when I was feeling really horny and I did what I do best – nightinvasion. I sneaked to her bedroom, undressed her and slowly pushed my dick in. A few slow moves another ones a bit faster and in no time I was cumming on her cunt. Awesome.

This babe also seemed to be really enthusiastic about it, even though she pretended to be asleep the entire time. What do you think about that? She really is a sneaky one. As soon as this guy started plunging inside her wet pussy, she started whimpering and moaning with a low voice. I would say she really enjoyed this nasty treatment that she was receiving. Come watch this super hot, kinky scene if you also want to make your cock hard. Come see how great it is to enter some babe’s room at night and start fucking her, while she is pretending to be asleep the whole time. You will love watching this illicit affair scene in which this babe is getting her wet pussy hammered hard. Maybe you will learn some sexy, new things from us. Join us on our special website and prepare to be thrilled. Here we have new, exclusive updates every week. Have fun!


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NightInvasion – Almost Caught

My brother’s sweetheart was talking shit about how she thinks it is stupid and how she cannot figure how somebody could get excited by this nightinvasion shit and so on. One night though, I proved this to her. I almost got caught doing this, however it was totally worth it. This scene is rather special, as the guy nearly gets himself caught by the lady and is almost stopping his little nightly jerk off session dead in its tracks, but the guy doesn’t let himself be distracted and in the end he finishes blowing his load in her curly hair for your enjoyment.

Take a look at how this guy is going to completely satisfy his brother’s girlfriend and how he will leave her wanting more. Next time they will totally engage in some other kinky activities that you will enjoy even more. Come check these guys out as she will definitely change her mind about thinking that this secretive night invasion fucking is a lot of crap. He sure helped her to get a different opinion on the matter. Watch this babe sucking on his hard throbbing cock at first while pretending to be asleep. After that she will gladly let him pound her already dripping wet pussy until he cums all over her. She sure got what she was asking for. Enjoy this super hot scene and watch all our other videos and picture galleries that you can find here on our special website. Have fun!


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Night Invasion Sex

So often you ask how come the chick does not seem to wake up on these night invasion sex videos… Well, here’s an example of one slut that does wake up and adores it. She woke up, saw me with the dick in my hand, and with such great passion she started giving me head right away. Cum inside for the entire video. So without further ado, sit back and watch as the guy puts his dick in this hottie’s mouth having her give him a nice sleeping blow job, and then watch him jerking off right in front of her face as he cums on the beautiful babe. Enjoy and see you soon guys!

This babe woke up when the guy started pushing his shaft inside her mouth and quickly started to swallow it again and again. What do you think about this whore? She just loves taking hard cocks inside her mouth all the time and now that she had this opportunity she just had to prove this guy that she does it like a pro. Watch her taking that large cock in and out of her mouth until he cums all over her sweet face. She loved this whole experience, especially the end part when she got covered in his warm, sticky jizz. You’ll also enjoy watching this babe giving this guy really good head. Come again next time for more sexy scenes. Have fun!

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Night Invasion Jane Doe 121

So, this is night invasion Jane Doe 121,  a neighbour I came to know and dropped by her house several times to make sure her stupid dog was confident with me, then one night I put my nightinvasion plan to work. Everything went great and I even jizzed inside her. Well it all started off with some surveillance first of all as the guy makes sure to catch her while she’s asleep. Once he’s ready, he enters her room and takes her cute panties and night clothing off. Watch her getting her pussy fucked by him as she’s sleeping peacefully. And you can bet that the dude left a creamy surprise behind.

This babe sure enjoyed her steamy surprise. As soon as this guy entered her bed, she quickly opened up her wet pussy for him. Watch her stretching out her hot hole letting him pound her pussy over and over again roughly. In the end, after plunging inside her like a real stud, this guy started shooting his load deep inside her, making her squeeze her pussy walls on his hard pulsing cock. This really is a hot scene guys and this babe certainly was very eager to get creamed. Check out this whole scene to see what other hot things they will be doing after that. Do you think she had enough or maybe she wants another round. If you wanna see some sweet babes posing in their sexy panties, check out the site! Enter this hot website and check out all our kinky scenes also.

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Night Invasion XXX

This was a great night invasion xxx video … A lady that I had a nightinvasion with earlier on had informed her friend about it and the naughty friend considered it might be great that one night I should do the same to her fart fantasy. So I did exactly that. I sneaked in her bedroom one night, licked and fingered her shaved cunt and of course in the end jizzed on her tits. Awesome.

She really enjoyed having this guy fingering her dripping wet pussy. By the time he entered inside her bedroom she was already spread out on her bed completely naked and pretending to be asleep. Without wasting any precious time this guy quickly got to what he came in for. He started fingering her moist cavity with such passion and intensity that he could feel her cuming on his fingers in the end, clenching her pussy walls onto his hand. After that he pulled out his hard cock and starting inserting it again and again inside her pussy, while her juices were flowing out of her. He gave her such a nice hammering that she came again for the second time, squeezing his cock inside and making him cum as well and shoot his jizz inside. She sure loved getting creamed like this and made him promise her that this wouldn’t be a one time only experience. Enjoy watching this also and come again next time!


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