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Night Invasion – Sleeping chica

So my friend from Night Invasion videos and I were at a motel bar and right after we had several drinks we were chatting kind of noisily… A sexy MILF in the following booth was in town for a conference and we heard her talking dirty on the phone. Later that night, we sneaked inside her room and had our fun with her on this fresh NightInvasion update.

Check these guys out as they are going to pound this hot milf inside her room, making her moan in ecstasy. This babe really is a hot whore that likes talking dirty and fucking more than one guy at a time. These guys sure had their fun with her. You should really come and check them out as they are going to get a couple of hot blow jobs from her in the beginning and then she will lay on the bed pretending to be asleep, while they are both going to come behind her, take off her panties and start inserting their hard throbbing cocks inside her pussy, one after the other, until they both cum shooting their loads all over her booty. This whore loved every moment of it and told these guys that she expects then to cum again the following night. Do you think they kept their promise? We would say that they certainly did. So come watch these two guys having the fuck of their life with this horny, hot milf. Enjoy watching them and join us on our hot website to see even more hot action.

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Night Invasion – Sexy Blonde Girl

For today’s Night Invasion update our crew brings you yet another girl with night time sex cravings. This blonde sexy lady felt the need to have her pussy stretched right before going to sleep. And she was in a very horny mood too. You just have to listen this chick moaning and begging for more cock as she’s getting fucked. She just loves feeling that hard cock inside her tight pussy. She would like this guy to continue fucking her all night long. Watch as her pussy juices are flowing out of her pussy, mixing up with his warm pre cum. This guy is plunging his tool deep inside her making her squirm and moan in pleasure. In the end he is going to cum inside her wet hole.

Check this horny guy as he is pumping that moist pussy intensely. He loves feeling her pussy walls squeezing his hard cock inside. He will continue doing this until she will also cum hard. Take a look at how this guy will start shooting his load inside her in the and giving her a creampie surprise. Do you think she will enjoy this? All you have to do next is to enter this amazing website and keep watching all our special, hot videos and picture galleries. The guys here really know how to surprise hot babes inside their bedrooms at night. You might even learn a thing or two about this. Enjoy your stay!


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Late in the night

Hey there, Night Invasion is here again with yet another sweet update. Today’s night time lady felt the need to get some hard cock in her mouth. See her work on a large tool in the middle of the night as her man is happy to comply with her needs. Who wouldn’t want a woman like that, with random sex cravings during the night?

Watch this horny babe getting down to business when she felt his hard cock approaching her face. She sure likes sucking on that large pole like a lollipop. This guy is pushing his hard tool deep inside this babe’s mouth and she is taking the whole thing in without complaining. From time to time she is also licking his cock from the tip to the base, giving him a lot of pleasure. He loves every minute of this nice blow job he is receiving but he doesn’t want to cum yet because before that he would like to give her a nice pussy pounding. Take a look at the entire scene and see this guy hammering her pussy after this hot, sexy blow job. In the end he will cum all over her hot body and her sweet face. Would you like to be able to do that to this horny babe? She just loves having guys fucking her while pretending to be asleep. It makes her hornier than ever. Come enter this amazing website and watch all this babe’s sexy videos and picture galleries where she is getting her mouth and pussy fucked nicely in the middle of the night. Enjoy!


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NightInvasion – Black teen

In today’s NightInvasion update, we have a very hot and sizzling gallery of a black teen taking some deep anal fucking. Seems she snuck into the guy’s dorm for some night time cock. Anyway see them going at it for quite some time as this smoking hot ebony lady knows how to take an anal dicking properly. She loves having hard cocks destroying her tight ass hole. Check her out as she is going to get her ass hole pounded roughly by this horny dude.

This black chick entered this guy’s dorm at night willing to get some anal action. He certainly couldn’t say no to such a delightful proposition. So here they are in this intense fucking session that started off with a nice, long blow job. Then they got on to some rough pussy pounding until she told him that she actually wants him to start ripping off her tight ass hole. Watch this guy plunging his hard tool in and out of that tight ass until he can’t take it anymore and starts shooting his warm, creamy jizz all the way deep inside. This ebony whore sure liked to get creamed inside her ass like this and told him to repeat this rough hammering beacuse she didn’t have enough and she would like another cum shower. Enjoy this nasty scene and watch all our super naughty videos and picture galleries here on our amazing website. Until next time have fun!


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Sucking and Fucking

Today’s Night Invasion lady got to suck on a big cock, for a very nice night time blowjob. It seems that her man wanted a blowjob, but he arrived home late. Guess she also thought that it was better late then never, so she complied, sucking on his big dick only to be covered in his huge jizz load in the end. Enjoy this one guys! You will truly be amazed at how this babe likes to suck on that cock giving this guy extreme pleasure.

She is wearing some night goggles to make the whole thing even more exciting. This guy loves shoving that big cock of his inside her warm mouth, while she is also jerking him off with her hand. After this amazing blow job this babe is going to get the pussy pounding she has been dreaming of. She likes it rough, so this guy is going to give her exactly that. Come check this babe out as she is going to stretch out her pussy for him, making this guy delve right inside her warm folds and start pushing in and out with a lot of passion. You can see that this isn’t the first time that these two are engaging in such an intense pussy fucking session. They are really skilled and this babe loves when this guy takes entire control of her body. She likes it a lot when he is in charge. Come watch them in action and check out all our other sexy scenes. Enjoy!


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Night Invasion – Anal Pounding

Today Night Invasion brings you a very deep and satisfying anal pounding gallery. This night time slut was looking to have a quick fuck and she got her just reward. She took the guy by surprise but in the end we think he didn’t mind one bit. See her taking a balls deep anal fucking in today’s awesome gallery update. This babe came into this guy’s bed at night and started caressing his cock and balls making him hard. He certainly didn’t expect such a hot treatment but soon enough, as he was getting herder by the minute, he took this horny whore, bent her over and started plunging his hard cock inside her tight ass hole.

You will love the way that this guy is shoving his erect cock deep inside her tight ass hole again and again, making her moan in ecstasy. She just loves the intense friction his cock is creating inside her tight hole. She wants this guy to fuck her ass hole harder and rougher as time goes by. In the end she tells him that she would really like him to cum deep inside her warm hole. This guy complies to her request and starts shooting his sticky white jizz inside, making her scream with excitement. You will love watching this cum hungry whore getting such a passionate anal pounding. Check out her other hot videos and pictures in which she is spreading her pussy and ass hole for large cocks. Enjoy!


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Night Invasion is back again today with more updates just for you. This recording has perhaps one of the hottest girls you’ve ever seen taking a nice finger fuck. The guy starts massaging her pussy slowly but works up momentum as she goes along with it, and it doesn’t take long for her to climax. I guess the guy knew what he was doing. Check her out spreading her pussy so that this guy can have better access to her wet folds. She just loves getting fingered before a nice pussy pounding.

As soon as this guy entered her bedroom, he started caressing and inserting his fingers inside her wet pussy, making her whimper in excitement. She also started to push herself onto his fingers harder and harder, enveloping his hand in her pussy juices. This certainly is a nice scene. After some intense fingering this guy pulled out his hard throbbing cock and started to make his way inside her dripping wet hole. She gladly accepted him inside and started pushing herself onto his large shaft. He loved the feeling of her wet pussy squeezing his cock deep inside her. In the end he came all over her ass and pussy, covering her in his creamy jizz. You will certainly enjoy watching this hot scene, so don’t wait any longer, create your membership on our website and come as often as you please. Have fun watching these horny guys in their nasty scene!


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Night Invasion – Creamed while sleeping

In today’s Night Invasion update, a very hot and sexy lady is about to have a rude awakening when her BF starts getting horny and wants to fuck. It doesn’t take her long to get in the mood, and sooner that you can say voyeur, she’s sucking his cock and taking a balls deep pussy pounding from him. Enjoy the update. You will love how this babe is taking that whole cock, balls deep inside her wet pussy.

This guy got a huge hard on in the middle of the night so he started pushing his throbbing cock towards his girlfriend’s opening, waking her up. She didn’t mind as she also was very horny and already dripping wet from the erotic dream she was having. Check her out as she is stretching her pussy so that he can really pound her pussy harder. You will love the way this chick is moving on his pole, jumping up and down on it. This guy is pounding her pussy slower at first, then harder and harder until he just can’t abstain anymore and starts cuming inside her and all over her pussy and ass hole. She sure loved this creampie surprise. Watch the whole scene to see what else they will start doing after that. Don’t forget to check out all our other sexy updates as well because you will enjoy them a lot. Have fun!


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Night activities

As always Night Invasion is here to quench your thirst for night time voyeur sex scenes. Tonight a hot and busty blonde got herself taped while blowing on a huge cock in a hotel. She didn’t know the guy was filming her since she was totally drunk. Even in that state tough, she managed to give one hell of a blow job. Watch this sexy blonde giving this horny guy one passionate blow job. Take a look at how this guy is plunging his hard cock inside her mouth, making her gag.

This babe seems to greatly enjoy the whole situation. Watch as she is sucking this guy’s cock until he can’t hold himself any longer and cums all over her face. After that he is going to give her a nice, rough pussy pounding just the way she likes it. Come check her out as she is going to get her pussy stretched by this lucky guy’s cock. He filmed the whole thing for you guys because we know how much you like watching these types of videos here on our hot website, where all your fantasies are fulfilled. Are you curious to watch this guy’s sucking and fucking video? Then come enter this website and you will be able to watch all our super intense videos and picture galleries in which our hot studs are fucking sexy babes at night. Enjoy your stay and come again!


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Night Invasion – Stretching holes

Just like last time, Night Invasion is here to bring you some of the best night vision filmed voyeur sex scenes, and today isn’t any different. This is a video of a couple having a quick fuck in a motel by the highway. The dude turns on the lady by massaging her pussy, which quickly turns into a finger fucking fest. This certainly is a hot sexy scene that you will like. These horny guys started having a bit of fun inside a motel room at night and the whole thing started out with some innocent pussy playing.

This guy started caressing his girlfriend’s pussy, slowly inserting his fingers inside, one by one. After that things got heated up and he started pushing his fingers harder and deeper inside until she told him that she would rather have him fucking her pussy with his hard cock. He didn’t wait for her to ask again as he quickly unbuttoned his pants and started shoving his hard pole inside her wet pussy from behind. Take a look at how this guy is plunging his throbbing cock inside her making her moan the entire time. He sure loves stretching that pussy with his pole. Watch this guy hammering that tight pussy until he cums hard all over her ass and pussy. Don’t wait any longer and come watch this sexy scene. It’s satisfaction guaranteed. Enjoy!


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